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You Need a Bot!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

What is a bot?

"Bot" is a generalized term used to describe any software that automates a task. Chatbots, which anyone can now build into Facebook Messenger, automate conversation -- at least the beginning stages of it.- Meghan Keaney Anderson of Hubspot

Bots are simply an automated conversation that has been programmed to give a generated response when an action is selected. If you are picturing a robot on the other end, you may need to think more in the choose your own adventure books route, just in a digital format. However, while these bots have tremendous potential, at the core, they are very simple programming and not extremely difficult to design.

Whether using bots for a clever ad campaign or for an information delivery system, bots are making their way to the forefront of social media which leaves marketing coordinators and small business owners with a lot of questions.

So…What are the benefits of having a bot?

  • Quick Responses for General Information: Within the digital world, more and more, customers expect quick answers and quick customer service. A facebook messenger bot can help with that! By providing answers to common questions, a bot can help keep your plate clear to help serve your customers in other areas.

  • Making a Statement: the presence of a bot alone lets your audience know that you are interested in connecting with them, wherever they are. Having a bot also states that you can adjust your business with growing trends of technology, which can be very important in particular industries, if not all. Remember there are 1.2 billion people on facebook messenger!

  • Gets Attention: It take a lot in the digital sphere to get noticed and bots are doing just that. A bot can be personalized to your natural conversational style and can fit the exact branding you want to convey, every time. They give a personal touch and allow your customer to feel valued, appreciated and unique.

  • Ads: Bots now can be part of an ad delivery system. A quiz for something silly may at the end offer a coupon for 20% of a product that could be related to the quiz. The possibilities are really connected to your imagination. Bot creation also can be cost effective for small businesses. Most likely 9 out 10 of your competitors are NOT doing this.

So…How do I get started?

  1. What is your objective?- It is important to understand specifically want you need to create based on your objective. Keep it simple and concise. Ex: I want to provide general information about my business and collect emails.

  2. Keep it Simple: Bots can get extraordinarily complex. Start with a simple bot that has a low level of complexity. If you would like to advance your bot, consider either taking a course or hiring a digital marketing agency to help you.

  3. Consider your options: There are many “bot builders” out there. Find one that works for you. Two platforms we think our good beginner platforms are Chatfuel and Manychat.

  4. Don’t be Boring: There are so many things to engage with and look at within social media, why would they engage with you? Make it interesting! Have fun with it. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself, what are they looking for.

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