• Bryan Fittin

Will It Really Come Back Around? Giving to your Audience Without Expectation

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Concerning Facebook…

For small business owners, Facebook is a place where a lot of customers live. When viewing business pages, customers regularly access Facebook for general information concerning hours and services, but also for promotions and reviews. Embracing a strong social presence on Facebook can go a long way for your business, but how do you interact with your audience? If you give and give to your audience, does it really pay off?

How do you interact with your customers?

  • LISTEN. Your customers will often talk most about what they need. Stop and listen to your customers and understand their pain points.

  • Educate your audience: You may be surprised to learn that people really want to be informed on your business and your industry. Posting a blog, informational handouts, or doing an educational FB Live can help your audience better understand your business and the reason why, you do what you do.

  • Always be striving to make things easier for your customer: Customers are often more about the experience than the actual product or service. When you go the extra mile to help your customer, they remember and they usually tell people about it. An easy way to help out your customers is through video. More and more people are watching video than reading and would prefer that be the format for most of their informational consumption.

  • Make sure all of your general business information is up to date. There is nothing more frustrating to customers than dead links and old information. Keep your page relevant and communicate clearly about your business.

  • Be in the mindset of your customer: What are they interested in right now? What is relevant for your customer base? If there is a big holiday coming up, make sure to plan a promotion, an event, or fun post to let your audience know you care about what they care about.

  • Read and respond to ALL comments: Nothing says you care more than responding to your audience on all comments, good and bad. This shows your customer you care about their feedback and are wanting to stay connected and want to improve.


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How do you I use giveaways to help my business? Remember that majority of Facebook users come onto the platform to be entertained and to connect with others. Your audience will usually be more drawn to fun and personal, than anything else. It is as simple as that. Your audience will get excited to win a little something, but it also helps build your organic reach and engagement at the same time. A couple tips on Giveaways on Facebook

  1. They do not have to be huge prizes. Companies give away all kinds of prizes every day, but sometimes the smallest gift card can be more successful than an Ipad? Why? People think they might have a chance at a gift card.

  2. Take down barriers. Keep it simple. Keep the instructions to 2-3 steps max. Your audience will not want to participate if it is complicated.

  3. Be genuine: While these giveaways are to help boost your business, customers can spot the businesses that do not care about the customers and are in it only for themselves. Make sure to really let the customer shine by highlighting winners and make a big deal out of their prize.

  4. It does not have to be related to your business. Giveaways do not always have to have a strong connection to your industry. Make it about your customers and they become your biggest fans.

Give to Give

  1. Give for the sake of your community. Get involved in good organizations that you can partner your business with. EX: PDAO participates in a Build a Bear Giveaway. 6 Bears for Patient Giveaways and 6 Bears are donated to a local children’s shelter.

  2. Admit your mistakes. Be willing to admit when you fail or when a customer has a bad experience. A small gift or card can go a long way in resolving the issue or communicating you still care. EX: Keep small gift cards as “I’m sorry” gifts for your customers have a poor experience.

Quick Tips for Starting on Facebook

  1. Keep your page relevant and up to date.

  2. Do not be scared to try out all the facebook tools, especially Facebook Live.

  3. Remember to be your authentic self and to stay on brand, including your fonts, colors, and messaging.

  4. Your audience wants to connect with you, so remember to not just focus on your product or service you offer, but on your business and your passion.