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What's New This Month?

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[00:01:55] What are you obsessed with?

Bryan: The Last Dance

Loren: Cheese!

[00:06:10] Facebook Messenger Rooms

[00:12:00] InShot

[00:16:00] Instagram Live for Desktop

[00:17:50] Filmm

[00:20:40] A Design Kit

[00:23:00] Instagram DM for Desktop

[00:25:30] Pocket

[00:26:55] Serene

[00:00:00] Rapid Fire Questions

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Few things in the world are as ever-changing as technology. In particular, any software relating to social media. These developments come in the form of new apps, websites, and updated software that will move the market in a new direction. In order to help decipher a few of the latest and greatest advancements, here is a list of the top tech you should know about today.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook has just launched a new form of communication via their platform: Rooms. This is an attachment to Messenger, but does not require all attendees to have Messenger downloaded, or even hold a Facebook account. This extension was launched to be in direct competition with Zoom, which has exponentially grown in popularity because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The only downfall of Rooms at this time is that it caps group video calls at 50 people. 


This new app can be an absolute lifesaver for those that are looking for a simple way to edit videos or filter photos. Using InShot, you can edit video footage, add music, record a voice over, use stickers, and even import your own branding. This app is especially useful for Instagram Stories. You can use it to create a timed effect so each slide of your story bleeds into the next perfectly. While this app does offer free features, many of its premium tools are paid. In the long run, a few dollars a month to elevate your videos and photos may be well worth the investment.

New Instagram Features

Instagram has made some major updates since being taken over by Facebook. Primarily, Instagram tries to stay true to its mobile format, which includes limiting functions available when using instagram on a web browser. With their new update, you can now use 2 functions that were previously app exclusives: Instagram Live & DMs. These updates are game changers because it now allows users to multitask. Instead of solely watching instagram lives on your phone, you can watch on your laptop with other programs running in the background or using your phone for other tasks. When it comes to DMs, businesses can now reply quicker to their audiences with the ability to type and review responses. 


This new app is an unorganised person’s dream come true. And, maybe even the hyper organised person’s dream come true, too. Pocket has solved a problem many have, but won’t admit: opening a million tabs in your browser that you are saving for later or want to read, but don’t have the time to. Pocket helps you organize your thoughts and unread web pages into compartments for using at a later date. This app is incredibly user friendly, offers a browser within the app, and creates peace of mind around all your future ideas.

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