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In the Know- September Edition

Updated: Oct 15, 2020


(5:04) Facebook Shops

(7:54) Listnr.Tech

(11:22) Spotify Quotes

(13:40) Anchor

(16:35) Lume Cube Video Light


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Episode with Jon Allen

Episode with Patt Flynn


Lume Cube Video Light


“My disclaimer, as always with Anchor, is that you don’t have the rights to your content.” (14:34)

“So this [Lume Cube Video Light] is actually really cool, because if you are videoing or doing zoom calls, zoom recordings, skype calls, different things, you need to be able to light yourself better.” (17:26)

In the Know- September Edition

Here's what you need to know about the digital marketing world in September 2020.

Facebook Shops

Facebook has joined many other social media platforms in adding a dedicated retail space to its site. The shop tab allows for businesses to sell directly to consumers through Facebook. The new feature also will enable enterprises to have more control over the look of their online storefront. The new feature is significant, as businesses benefit from every step in the purchasing process that is removed for consumers. People are more likely to purchase items when they do not have to follow a link from Facebook to a digital storefront and enter their purchasing information. By lowering the number of clicks necessary, transactions are more likely to occur.


Are you interested in having a podcast, but you do not have the time or resources to sit down and record episodes? Listnr.Tech might be right for you. They convert text to recorded speech, allowing you to turn a blog post, article, or email into audio content that can be used for a podcast. It is crucial to make your content available in as many ways as possible, and this is another tool that can be utilized in this quest. While it will always be preferable to record your own episodes and professionally produce your audio content, Listnr.Tech offers an affordable solution to individuals and organizations that do not have the means to do that.

Spotify Quotes

Spotify is continuing to flex its muscles as it is testing out a new feature called Spotify Quotes for its podcasting platform. They are currently experimenting with it on the Michelle Obama podcast. The feature pulls five different quotes and allows listeners to easily share them to their social media feeds with the click of a button. While it is still in a testing phase, it is fantastic that Spotify is helping podcasters create promotional material for their shows. As our friend Patt Flynn always says, creating it is only 20%, and then 80% is the actual promotion of your content. Spotify is here to assist with the promotion work.


While Anchor is not a perfect podcasting tool, it has rolled out a new feature to help podcasters through the difficulties of social distancing. Anchor provides a feature where you upload a recording of your video call, and it will convert it to an audio podcast for you. As previously mentioned, it is ideal to do all of your content's conversion and production professionally. However, Anchor is offering a solution for people who do not have the means to create content in several different forms. If you choose to use Anchor, you need to know that they own the rights to the content that you post through their platform.

Lume Cube Lights

Are you doing more video calls than ever due to the ongoing pandemic? Are you struggling to find a place in your home or office that looks professional and has good lighting? Lume Cube has the solution for you. They sell a light that can suction onto different surfaces to offer multiple useful lighting options to best suit the room you are in. It is essential that your lighting looks professional during your meetings, and Lume has affordable solutions.