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In The Know: July Edition

Are you up to date with the latest content marketing trends? With so many useful social media platforms and content styles out there, we know it’s impossible to keep up on your own. Do you need a little help staying on trend? Say less; we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends in content marketing.

Is Instagram Getting Rid of Photos?

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of Instagram, set the social media world into a tailspin last month when we announced that “[Instagram is] no longer a photo-sharing app.” While this does mark an official turn in Instagram’s existence, it’s not the change that the short quote seems to say.

It might have been more accurate to say that Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app. For years we’ve seen Instagram shift towards video content with Stories, IGTV, and Reels, but addressing it in this way is significant.

Anytime [Instagram] makes an announcement like that, pay attention...It definitely means that any video content they’re going to focus on as opposed to a photo.” (6:23)

We constantly preach to our clients that you must pay attention to announcements such as these because they should be informing your content strategy. If you are on Instagram, focus your energy on video content, because that’s what the algorithm will be prioritizing.

What’s New with Pinterest?

Over the last few months, we’ve been tracking a migration back towards Pinterest, and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon. The often forgotten platform is forcing itself back into relevance by prioritizing video content and rolling out its new Live feature.

What I’m really interested to see is how video is probably going to take over Pinterest. It used to be stills – you did it for decor, you did it for recipes and everything, but with video, it really opens the door for a lot more opportunities.” (11:48)

The introduction of video content has led users to explore new types of content that would otherwise be overlooked. Gone are the days where Pinterest is used exclusively for recipe-hunting, and if you need more proof, check out our recent episode on Pinterest with Gaonou Lo from Soapbox Influence.

If you’re trying to do marketing on Pinterest, you need to understand possibly that what’s going to actually get you the most traction is going to be video and eventually going live.” (12:42)

Another Pinterest trend that we are following revolves around ads. The social media platform recently banned all weight loss advertisements, and we are fascinated by the potential ramifications. Weight loss ads were a large chunk of Pinterest’s ad space, and removing them implies that something will have to fill the void. Be on the lookout for what could be filling the space and consider how it could be affecting your content strategy!

There’s a large chunk of Pinterest that is focused on weight loss, and if that disappears, what space will fill it?” (10:09)

Apple Podcasts, What Are You Doing?!

Like many other podcast heads, we have not been fans of the Apple Podcast platform for a while. The interface is clunky, and we’ve abandoned ship for more user-friendly podcast players, like Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, etc.

Still, most casual podcast listeners choose Apple Podcasts, likely by default, and they are now dealing with several issues stemming from the platform’s recent update.

We’ve seen podcasters stuck in seemingly endless battles to get their latest episodes uploaded onto the platform, and we’ve also heard from many podcasters that their download numbers are dropping through Apple Podcasts.

If you’re a podcaster out there and you see a decrease in your downloads, that may not be necessarily true to what is actually happening.” (16:29)

What’s causing this random drop in listenership? Most users take advantage of the automatic download function activated by default in their Apple Podcasts app, but the update turned the function off for many users. Because of this, listers aren’t being notified when new episodes are available, therefore not listening to them. This issue will indeed be fixed soon, but we believe it could be the push some listeners need to switch podcasting platforms.

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