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[00:01:30] What are you obsessed with?

Bryan: Aputure Multicolor LED Light

Loren: Not Your Mother's Products

[00:04:10] GIPHY by Facebook

[00:06:50] Spotify Trial: Video Podcasting

[00:11:25] Paid Livestreaming by Facebook 

[00:14:15] Podyssey

[00:17:05] Joe Rogan Spotify Deal

[00:20:05] Solve Podcast

[00:25:35] Rapid Fire Questions


This week we are breaking down the latest and greatest digital trends from June 2020. 


Have you ever used stickers on your Instagram story? If so, you have GIPHY to thank. This fantastic site helps creators make and upload stickers to use across many platforms, including Instagram. Most importantly, GIPHY was just bought by Facebook! Although GIPHY is a great resource already, Facebook integrating this tool should make the software more user friendly and accessible. Hopefully, Facebook will allow more content creators and businesses to upload their own stickers to use across their platforms. 

Spotify Trial: Video Podcasting

As a video podcasting company, Go Rogue X could not be more excited to see Spotify moving in the direction of offering video podcasting. They are currently testing the potential update with a prominent podcast. An update like this will make it easier for brands to connect with their audience, up their interactions, and provide more usable content from a single session. Spotify also says that with this update, you will still be able to listen to any podcast as audio only, easily switching between the two by opening or closing the app. 

Facebook Paid Streaming

Now more than ever, it is important for creators to share their work digitally and still bring in income. Facebook is offering a simple solution by allowing creatives to host private, paid livestreams. This will allow people to show off their craft while still making money, even if they cannot perform in person.


This new-er app is quickly gaining momentum due to its revolutionary idea: curate podcast communities. Users can join a group, listen to a podcast, and then virtually discuss. These discussions operate similarly to a virtual book club. The app is interactive and makes connecting with like minded people simple!

Spotify & Joe Rogan

Recently, Spotify closed a $100M deal with Joe Rogan, making his podcast a Spotify exclusive. Rogan’s show is nothing fancy, but has rapidly gained a cult following. Their simple set up, videography, and engaging content has allowed the brand to grow organically. If this deal demonstrates anything, it is that podcasting is not going away anytime soon - and neither is Spotify.

Solve Podcast

How many people do you know who are self proclaimed “Armchair Detectives?” True Crime podcasts are one of the most prominent categories in the podcast world. Solve takes what you already know and puts your investigative skills to the test. Each week, an episode is released and the audience is tasked with piecing together information. Will you be able to solve this mystery?

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