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How to Really Sell with Video with Zak Heald

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[00:01:00] What videos can really be helpful for a business?

[00:08:00] What video should a company start out with?

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In the digital age, it is important to not just tell your consumers why your product is important, but to show them. Videos for your business is a great way to do that. Not only will producing videos add authority to your brand’s voice, video can also take your business to the next level.

What videos can really be helpful for a business?

When you are just starting out with video, a great place to invest is in telling stories. No, not the fairytale storybook kind. Telling a story is almost always more effective at engaging your audience than just telling them what they need to know. These stories can tell consumers many things about your brand. The overarching questions should always be this: what are you teaching your audience?

What video should a company start out with?

There are a few “types” of videos that every business can benefit from, but two in particular are a great place to start. First, testimonial videos. Testimonials can range from an Amazon review shot on an iPhone to an all-the-stops-pulled-out production. Make no mistake - the Amazon review can be just as, if not more, beneficial to a business. The second video is any form of video that sells the culture of your company. Behind the scenes, who you are, or the origin story of your company are great prompts. This gives insight to who your consumers are buying from and, hopefully, convinces them to choose you over the competitor due to an emotional connection. The key feature in both of these videos? They are authentic. Consumers do not want to see a false version of reality.

What about a budget?

Depending on what your business’ budget is, the types of videos and scale at which you produce will vary greatly. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a video without a 10k budget, but the complexity may be less than movie quality. Setting reasonable expectations will help you be even more impressed with what is produced.

Incorporating video into your business marketing is sure to gain you success and engage your audience in new, exciting ways.

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