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How Much Content Should You Post?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Go Rogue Podcast

Host: Bryan Fittin & Loren Lewis

On this episode Bryan and Loren discuss, How much content should you post?

[00:01:34] - How much content should you post

- as much quality content as possible

[00:02:34] - What are you obsessed with this week?

- Bryan - Peter McKinnon, you-tuber, film maker, photographer

- Loren - Lindsay Sterling, violinist

[00:07:36] - Content Pyramid

- Document your pillar piece of content, repurpose into micro content

- Distribute across all social channels

- Listen to your audience

[00:10:52] - Establishing Pillar content

- Do a Facebook live

- Do a podcast

- LinkedIn live

[00:11:22] - Repurposing micro content

- Format correctly for where you are posting

[00:15:30] - Captions

- Not clickbait

- Use something that evokes emotion

[00:16:45] - Other repurposed content

- Audio gram, use audio from your podcast

- Take transcript and repurpose into a blog

[00:23:50] - Rapid Fire Questions

Quotes from the episode:

“You should totally do multiple pieces of content....if you’re creating content,

batch.” [00:00:49]

“When you can create authentic content that’s behind the scenes, that is a day in the

life of the office or whatever you’re doing, it registers with your audience so much

more.” [00:09:41]

“Look for the moments that will resonate with your audience.” [00:13:38]


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