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How a Plumber Grew His YouTube Channel to over 100k Subscribers

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


In this episode, Bryan and Loren are joined by Roger Wakefield, a recent Youtube sensation. Roger owns Texas Green Plumbing and does all of his company’s advertising through social media. Bryan and Loren chat with Roger about his recent success and how he saw his Youtube channel grow exponentially overnight.


(00:19) Intro

(1:33) How Roger became Youtube’s most famous plumber

(7:44) How Roger picked the content for his videos

(9:57) Roger’s advice to someone growing their Youtube channel

(16:05) Roger talks about a never-ending well of content topics

(19:45) LinkedIn Live

(24:27) Measuring success on Youtube

(31:17) Wrap up


Bryan Fittin

Loren Lewis

Roger Wakefield




“Number one, figure out in five to eight words, what is your Youtube channel about. Because if you can’t tell me in five to eight words, Youtube is never going to figure you out.” (12:18)

“The biggest thing I think I learned networking, everybody that I meet is not my customer. But I meet people that can introduce me to my customers. Same thing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is so wonderful for me because I can build my community, or my tribe, nationwide.” (20:51)

How a Plummer Grew His YouTube Channel to over 100k Subscribers

In this episode, Bryan and Loren get to chat with Roger Wakefield, a plumber turned Youtube sensation. Roger owns Texas Green Plumbing, which is pushing the boundaries by doing all of its advertising through social media.

Roger started his own company roughly five years ago. After getting burned by a few marketing and advertising agencies, he decided he would learn social media's ins and outs to do marketing on his own. He committed heavily to this approach by going to a social media marketing conference in San Diego and taking copious amounts of notes that he would devour to turn his company around.

At the conference, Roger attended a Youtube seminar, where he learned that it is the second-largest search engine in the world. After being convinced that was legit information, he devoted himself to releasing three videos a week, all of which revolving around plumbing. Roger hoped to teach people how to save money by taking care of their plumbing issues themselves. Simple problems such as jammed garbage disposals, running toilets, and shutting off water supplies had straightforward solutions, and Roger was there to show beginners how to do it themselves.

The Youtube channel grew steadily over time, which Roger attributes to his consistency in releasing videos that have value and help people. Recently, the channel has blown up, sometimes gaining 6,000 subscribers overnight. Now, Roger's channel has close to 150,000 subscribers and continues to grow each day.

Roger also associates his success with letting other people use their strengths, rather than micromanaging and compromising their talents. More specifically, he talks about Will and Grayson, his content creator and video editor, respectively. Roger notes that micromanaging these two would lead to videos and content that is subpar. He hired Will and Grayson as young people to make videos and content appealing to younger platforms like Youtube, which they have obviously succeeded with.

Releasing three videos a week seems like an easy way to run out of fresh topics and content for new videos, but this has never been an issue for Roger and his channel. He stays in touch with people at his company to know what questions are being asked regularly, which consistently provides him with additional content for videos. He says, "If one person called us to ask that, there's probably a million out there with that question, and we'll make that video and put it out" (17:33).

Lastly, Roger believes it is essential for each video to provide value for the viewer. For him, that means teaching viewers something with each video. For others, that could be promoting a person, company, or topic or discussing important subjects and leading discussions. By figuring out what value his videos bring, and consistently releasing videos that stay true to those topics, Roger grew his Youtube empire.

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