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[FOUNDER SERIES] Sam & Anna of The Buttered Biscuit

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Host: Bryan Fittin & Loren Lewis

Guest: Sam & Anna Russell

On this episode Bryan and Loren are joined by founders of The Buttered Biscuit, Sam and Anna Russell

[00:01:09] - The Russels background

[00:02:45] - What are you obsessed with this week?

Sam - Opening the second Buttered Biscuit location

Anna - Fall, enjoying the fall season, nature hikes, etc.

Loren - Walmart pick up Bryan - MiddleClassFancy instagram account

[00:12:09] - What did the moment when you’d decided to get out of the vendor world go all in and open a restaurant look like?

- received a vision to open a breakfast location - built the brand and voice before there was a name - asked the valid questions to determine what to stand for

- 1 year and two weeks later opened The Buttered Biscuit

[00:19:08] - What is it like moving from the corporate world to now?

- the difference of managing 2-3 people to 30+ - the boss is the brand, we have to have compassion with constraints to our staff - you can’t lose sight of what really makes business work which is people - you have to understand the challenge and struggles that your employees go through everyday. - corporate America is very self driven, now my goal is to have our team succeed

[00:23:39] - What is the creative role of the business

- Menu, seasonal menus - design: interior and exterior - culture

[00:27:17] - What are you doing on social media to bring out your brand?

- One of our branding components is to serve an honest breakfast

- transparency of process and community - accessibility of owners and decision makers - honesty with our guests, real conversations

[00:30:33] - What are the steps you have taken to ensure your culture extends across opening new locations?

- training, repetitive training and setting expectations

- 8 steps of service

[00:32:10] - What inspires you? What makes you get out of bed?

- our customers

- our employees

[00:38:25] - What advice could you give to young business starting to use social media?

- behind the scenes, authenticity - know your target audience - know your brand, stay true to you voice - do it, have a schedule, don’t post when you’re not ready to

[00:45:25] - What is next for The Buttered Biscuit?

- expanding

- 2 new locations in process

[00:51:03] - Rapid Fire Questions

Quotes from the Episode:

“Part of our obsession is people...investing in people..we believe the only thing you can truly make a difference in for eternity is people.” [00:04:45]

“When you understand that the most important thing that we have to offer someone is love and care, it ultimately puts into perspective everything that you do.” [00:19:40]

“We want that authenticity to come through all of our aspects of media and marketing while creating appetite appeal and accessibility.” [00:29:15]

“Consistency ensures success.” [00:30:55]

“No matter what the algorithm’s do, if you’re staying true to who your audience is and you’re just trying to engage with them, that is never gonna go away.” [00:44:20]


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