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[FOUNDER SERIES] Jon Allen of Onyx Coffee Lab

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Go Rogue Podcast

Host: Bryan Fittin & Loren Lewis Guest: John Allen

On this episode Bryan and Loren as part of the founders series, they are joined by John Allen from Onyx Coffee Lab

[00:01:52] - What are you obsessed with this week?

John - Cereal Loren - ABC show, The Good Place

Bryan - Thunderstruck, AC/DC

[00:06:15] - Background of Onyx Coffee Lab

[00:07:29] - The 1907

[00:10:58] - What was the moment you got into coffee and science and wanted to put the two together?

- it was a slow evolution

[00:14:08] - How did you develop the culture at Onyx?

- it was a combination of coming natural and methodical - we actively work to counter what we see in other cafes

[00:17:52] - In coffee culture, what makes Onyx standout? - we feel like we are constantly needing to go above and beyond to compete with roasters in major metropolitan areas.

[00:23:50] - Advice for doing authentic social media

- you have to be authentic, we don’t have a big plan - use the language of the people you are trying to reach - if our core team thinks its funny we post it - we try to promote the staff that has been with us for a long time

[00:27:42] - Something people would be surprised to learn about Onyx - leader of full transparency in the coffee industry

[00:32:19] - What is next for Onyx? - new cafe in MoMa under construction

- growing the roasting business - finding new coffees - vertically integrating..dry mill project in Colombia - new quality standards - pushing more international business

[00:38:04] - Rapid Fire Questions Quotes from the Episode:

“It was really important for us to put all that out there so that people understood how much work goes into coffee and also from a culture standpoint of our staff so that everyone can kind of see and appreciate each others jobs.” [00:08:15]

“In coffee our philosophy is we’re only as good as our raw product.” [00:20:48]


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