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Easy Ways to Stay Authentic on Social Media

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

How Do You Stay Authentic within Social Media?

While social media was not originally designed for sales, it definitely has become a large sphere for marketing and MLM’s. People are constantly being bombarded by ads and friends selling their new product that it can be easy to feel that no one is actually authentic on social media.

Tips & Tricks for Staying Real on Social Media

Just because people can be wary of marketing on social media, does not mean that you should not try to sell or introduce your brand. However, there are steps to help you be more successful and not burn bridges.

Be You

This seems obvious, especially when discussing being authentic, but it’s important to not be someone else. Your audience desires to hear your words and your heart and can easily detect when you are being fake. This can look like using words and phrases to how you actually talk and creating your own content, not using someone else’s. Never copy and paste someone else’s content or use their same graphic. If you like someone’s post, use it as inspiration and create your own.

Play the Long Game

If you are in social media to make a quick buck, you will find all too soon, your audience is not really interested. Your audience can see your motivations and are often not on social media to purchase a product or sign up for a subscription. What does your audience want?

  • Connection- testimonies, serving, helping

  • Education- Research, Data, 

  • Excitement - Prizes, giveaways, fun events, success

  • Fun- Funny and Entertainment driven

“If you focus on one personality only, you are missing out on 75% of your audience.”


If you are not providing any of these elements within your posts, you will most likely gain little to no traction at all with your audience. While you have a specific target demographic, within that demographic are many different personalities. If you focus on one personality only, you are missing out on 75% of your audience. Ex: Use the four color personalities to change up the style of your content to reach all personalities of your audience.

Know your brand and own it

It is important to understand who you are and portray that accurately. While we have discussed the importance of branding through graphic design, what we mean more here, is who do you portray to be. It is recommended to choose three aspects about yourself and stick to that.  Example from the podcast: Emily Burgess’s three brands are: thrifting, mom life, & health and wellness. By focusing on your brand, you will stay consistent and focused.  Remember you often know what your audience wants because they are just like you.

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