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What Draws Customers to Your Brand

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What are some steps that I can take to have good branding?

Define who you are Write a vision statement in one sentence. Make sure it communicates who you are and what you do clearly. In a fast paced world, customers are quick to reach out to the next business when they get lost or confused in busy messaging. Keep it simple and communicate clearly who you are and what you do and customers will buy in.

“Setting your vision statement and really nailing down who you are as a business, defining who you are and sticking to it and then communicating your story it in a creative way, is really as important as narrowing down the fonts and colors. ” — JEREMY TEFF

Be Consistent Be consistent with your message, your marketing materials, and your social media posts. For example, if you post pictures, always use the same filter and quality. Keep the same look and vibe at all times. Communicate to your audience that you know who you are and you know what they need and want. If this feels overwhelming, remember to start small and build a foundation to work off of. Start Small: If your business is already established, start small by picking two similar fonts and two similar colors. Use these as a foundation to portray a consistent image of your business.

Simplify. Simplify. When you put everything on your page and everything about your business, it is so much, that sadly, the customer will never be able to focus in on who you are or what you sell, so they just leave. They need to be able to hone in on specific details, a specific message, and great branding can help you do that.

Keep what you do best at the forefront of your branding. Your customers do not need everything at once. They will dig deeper on their own, the more they are interested.
“They need to be able to hone in on specific details, a specific message, and great branding can help you do that.” — LOREN LEWIS

Ask your Customers

“Go to your customers and ask, “How does this style work with you?” This is big a part of it. Because if they are a part of your target audience and it does not resonate with them, chances are other people do not get it either and they are not going to automatically pick up your product or click buy now.” — BRYAN FITTIN

Go to your fans! Customers love feeling a part of your business. If you are considering rebranding or simply refiguring your message or branding, ask your customers! Create surveys or have small phone conversations with your biggest fans. They often can clue you into what attracted them to your business and what keeps them coming back. This will help you shape your branding around what you do best and what customers actually LOVE about you. Be Authentic Sometimes we forget that customers truly want to get to know you, the real you. They do not need fancy catch phrases and gimmicks, they want the real you that makes the product or service they love. Being an authentic business and communicating that to your audience goes a long way and it establishes a culture they want to get behind. Example Onyx Coffee Lab:

“As a brand, you want to be your authentic self, and when you do, people will become your advocates.  Because of this, they want to be associated with your brand based more on what you represent, more than just want you sell.”- Jeremy Teff

Consider a Graphic Design Consultation Look over your website, social media accounts, and at your logo. Do you need professional help creating a style guide, logo, and feel for your business? Customers can spot bad branding from miles away and in this digital age, it is important to communicate that you are not scared to be a leader in your industry, in a digital space.

Check out Graphic Designer, Jeremy Teff, featured in this podcast episode, at Hickory Design Co or Contact us at Go Rogue X and we would be happy to help you with all of your branding needs.

Have Patience It takes Time. Good branding and establishing a culture around your branding takes time. It will evolve and change, that’s ok. Just because you got a new cool logo does not mean your sales will double tomorrow. Give time for your branding to mesh your business and become one.

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