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5 Smart Ways to Use Canva for Social Media

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Host: Bryan Fittin & Loren Lewis

On this episode Bryan and Loren discuss the benefits and features of Canva and how it can save time and money for your marketing projects.

[00:01:00] - Subject of the episode: Canva

[00:01:23] - What are you obsessed with this week?

Bryan - Switchpod Loren - NPR Politics Podcast

[00:04:53] - Canva overview

[00:06:55] - Features

  • Resizing Feature - (Pro version feature)

  • Templates

  • Design School

  • Animation

  • Stickers

  • Video upload

  • Stock Images

  • Branding Kit

[00:20:12] - What do you think is in the future for Canva?

-more video features -more educational resources -more packages


- Canva mobile App -tablet and phone

-not as versatile as the web version

[00:23:07] - Rapid fire questions

Quotes from the Episode:

“If your’e not gifted at designer and you are a beginner, you can watch videos and tutorials on basic design principles. Those are really helpful because there are things that are really simple mistakes that scream rookie, they can help you catch those mistakes and get better and better and better.” [00:11:32]

“Your inspiration is boundless with Canva.” [00:20:47]

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