Meet Loren

Account Manager

Loren joined the Go Rogue X team in 2018 and since then, has become Go Rogue X’s Account Manager. Loren can generally be found at a local coffee shop with her gold beats and a vast amount of spreadsheets and calendars. 

Loren studied Communications at the University of Arkansas with a minor in Cultural Anthropology- definitely the most useful minor. She is also a licensed secondary teacher in Speech, English, & TV Broadcasting. Loren has worn many hats over the years from working with a college ministry to teaching High School to more currently, social media management and digital marketing.  

Loren’s passions include drinking good coffee, watching movies with her husband, and wrangling her wild boys. She also enjoys co-hosting on the Go Rogue Podcast with Bryan Fittin.

Loren is Go Rogue X’s Account Manager since early 2019 and is all about the details. Loren works with client relations, contracts, invoicing, contractors, and general administration. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Loren at