We are so excited that you’re booked! Here are a few things you can expect:


  1. The interview process is much more of a conversation rather than a super formal interview. We do prepare questions, which we will provide ahead of time, but we still love to keep it laid back and fun. 

  2. Typically, the interview lasts 20-40 minutes. If you are local to Northwest Arkansas, we would love to record with you in our studio. If not, we will plan to set up a video call.

  3. If we’re recording with you via video call, we would prefer you use a USB microphone or earbuds with an inline microphone, so we can give the best quality audio possible to our listeners.

  4. After recording, we will create a full content package to promote you & your business. We will be sharing this across our social platforms and hope you will, too!

If you have any other questions, our Content Coordinator, Ava, would be happy to help!