Meet Bryan

Owner- Director of Content

Bryan started his journey into a creative career by teaching himself photography. As his passion and business grew, Bryan began to also delve into videography. Growing in his field and acquiring new gear, opened the doors for Bryan to gain experience working alongside talented individuals and thriving businesses. Bryan has had several opportunities to shoot commercials, join a video collective to create live music videos at a recording studio, contract music festivals, and the list just keeps growing.

Bryan decided early on that he wanted to just try everything, mostly just for the fun of it. Along the way he tried and succeeded at podcasting, Ecommerce selling, bot and app creation, even creative direction. He just keeps learning.

In 2017, Bryan started seeing the need for marketing guidance in the modern world, and since he had dabbled in so many different facets of digital marketing, he found himself casually consulting with many companies. Through his extensive experience in the corporate role, Bryan could see the need and started crafting the solution.

Fast forward a bit and now he is the owner and director of content of Go Rogue X, a business dedicated to giving value and building a brand in the digital age. Bryan’s hope is to provide every business with the tools and support to communicate their message and product to all the places their audiences are.